Graham Pre-Approval
“Dr. Graham,” oil, 2019
Dr. Cureton Final for Approval
“Dr. Cureton,” oil, 2019
Larry 18 x 22pt5 (cover)
“Larry,” oil, 2018
Barbara 18x22 pt 5 (cover)
“Barbara,” oil, 2018
Lauren Lucy 10x7.5_Modified_11_13_17_GJ
“Lauren Lucy,” oil, 2017
Lila 21x28
“Lila,” oil, 2017
Richard 21x28
“Richard,” oil, 2017
Katie Voigt_For Web_72X14X10
“Laura,” oil, 2017
Sarah Voigt_For Web_72X14X10
“Sarah,” oil, 2017
“Ron Burbick, Chairman of the Board,” oil, 2015
Michael Clyburn Portrait
“Michael Clyburn, President of the College,” oil, 2013
Michael Clyburn Portrait Sketch
graphite sketch for commissioned portrait

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