3 thoughts on “Prints

  1. Your portraits and prints are stunning and being somewhat abstract leaves room for the viewer to explore the composition and become one with it. They make one want to know the artist and explore his meaning
    Grant, we would love to pursue a portrait in oil with we three and a portrait of Cosmo as well. To us it would be an honor because it would be a bond with you Grant and your beautiful family as also being a testament to our love. Would you want some pictures to, or how might we proceed? Love to you for wanting to do this. Jim Tim Matt and Cosmo

    • Many, many thanks. I think the best thing to do next is to schedule a time to talk together via Skype. We should get this on the calendar at least a few days ahead, for everyone’s convenience. My preference is always to come and take my own reference photos. That would be a wonderful excuse for a trip to LA and a visit to your lovely home. We could talk Thursday evening this week, or M-W evening next week. Let me know which of those looks good.

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